• Purification Soy Candle

    ylang ylang       ŏ    sage flower      ø     white sage

    clary sage       ¢       palo santo        ¤  ormus (ormes)


    Whats included:


    • Californian White Sage Smudge
    • Purification Candle
    • Purification Room Spray
    • Peruvian Palo Santo Smudge


    Your purification candle:

    Your handmade candle is created with magical intent using the same healing properties to support the cleansing and clearing of your environment. During times it may be unsuitable to use a smudge, simply light your candle saying your chosen spell, prayer or affirmation. It can also be used in addition to support your smudging rituals to add extra intent to your purification practice. 


    Your candle is created using essence of Sage flower, with white sage,clary sage, palo santo and yland ylang essential oils. It is grounded by using ormus (originally ORMEs, standing for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements). A generic term referring to any suspension of precious metal elements in monatomic form. The Ormus are thought to be superconductors allowing a clearer cell-to-cell communication, while all the oils used in creation of the kit have significant cleansing, healing and mood enhancing elements.


    The most important thing we want to share, is to trust yourself, your intuition and your ability to heal yourself. Find rituals and practices that feel right for you.


    You've got this.


    Handmade, blended and poured in Australia by Loobylou Candles.


    Also available in our Elwood based store.

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